Introducing HumavantTM Neonatal Nutritional Products From Prolacta Bioscience®

Humavant Neonatal Nutritional Products are 100% Human Milk-Based

Maintain an exclusive human milk diet with 100% human milk-based neonatal nutritional products. A 100% human milk-based diet can contribute to increased survival rates1 and reduce the overall cost of care for very low birth weight (VLBW) infants under 1250 g.2 The Prolacta Bioscience® line of products helps maintain an exclusive human milk diet and can decrease costly complications associated with the intake of cow milk-based products.2

About Prolacta Bioscience

NOTE: Product used in these studies was named Prolact+ H2MF®. The formulation of Prolact+ H2MF® and HumavantTM HMF is the same. Prolact+ H2MF® is the trade name in North America, and HumavantTM HMF is the trade name outside North America. The product images shown are intended for distribution in the United Kingdom and Ireland.