HumavantTM CR Human Milk Caloric Fortifier
(Human, Pasteurized)

Boost Calories and Maintain an Exclusive Human Milk DietHumavant-CR-human-milk-caloric-fortifier

Humavant CR human milk caloric fortifier is ideal for neonatal infants receiving low caloric content. Data show that 65% of the time, term mother’s own milk (MOM) is less than 68 kcal/100 mL.1 Humavant™ CR caloric fortifier can meet the need for additional calories.

  • Intended for use with MOM or donor milk (DM) to increase lipids and achieve adequate growth

  • Formulated to deliver 2.6 kcal/mL

  • Available frozen in 30 mL bottles containing 10 mL of product (4 bottles per unit carton)

  • Administer within 48 hours once thawing process begins


Additional Information 

Macronutrient information of Humavant CR

Humavant CR human milk caloric fortifier is the only completely human solution created to add calories to MOM or DM without substantially increasing volume and without introducing a non-human-milk-based nutritional product.

A randomized clinical trial found that premature infants who received an exclusive human milk diet (EHMD) with Humavant CR fortifier had superior length and weight velocity compared to infants who received an EHMD without Humavant™ CR fortifier.*,2

Infants on Humavant CR fortifier Growth Comparison Chart

Preterm infants who received Humavant CR fortifier had a significantly earlier post-menstrual age (PMA) at discharge and trended toward decreased length of stay (LOS) when compared to those who did not receive Humavant CR fortifier.*,†,3

Infants on Humavant CR had a decreased PMA at dischargeInfants on Humavant CR trended toward a decreased length of stay in the NICU

This study is a subset analysis of data originally published in 2014 by Hair et al in The Journal of Pediatrics.

* Product used in these studies was named Prolact CR®. The formulation of Prolact CR® and Humavant CR is the same. Prolact CR® is the trade name in North America, and Humavant CR is the trade name outside North America. The product image shown is intended for distribution in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

† Results were significant after adjusting for whether the baby had BPD, their gestational age, and their birth weight.

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